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Data Science: A Complete Beginner’s Guide [2024]

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  • Data Science: A Complete Beginner’s Guide [2024]
  • February 01 2024

Data Science: A Complete Beginner’s Guide [2024]

The field of data science is still comparatively new but is getting more and more relevant for business every day. It is the newest rage in the IT industry as demand for it has been continuously rising. The need for organizations to turn data into insightful knowledge has been driving the demand for data scientists. The largest employers of data scientists are Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple.

According to a recent analysis by Precedence Result, between 2022–2030, the market for data science is likely to reach a valuation of 378.7 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.43%. What’s so exciting about data science? Why does the subject hold such importance? We will give you the details about data science.

What is Data Science?

Put, data science is the application of computer science, machine learning, statistics, and mathematics. It is the method for gathering, evaluating, and interpreting data in order to derive pertinent insights that might support decision-makers in reaching well-informed conclusions. These days, practically every industry uses data science to forecast consumer behaviour and trends while also gauging new business prospects. This data can be used by businesses to make well-informed decisions regarding marketing and product development. It is also a useful tool for process optimization and fraud detection. However, data science is also used by the government to increase the effectiveness of public service delivery.

Why Learn Data Science?

Data science is an extremely relevant field due to the rapid global company expansion and technological advancements. Data scientists are mostly engaged by businesses to make well-informed judgments about how to do business in their specialized fields. If you have enjoyed the study of statistics and mathematics or have experience working with data and information, a career in data science might be a great fit for you.

Prerequisites of Data Science


Data science mainly focuses on statistics to capture and transform huge patterns of data into valuable evidence through the use of complex machine learning techniques.


The three most popular programming languages are SQL, R, and Python. Some good programming language is a must in order to complete a data science project properly.

Machine Learning

Making appropriate forecasts and estimates is possible through machine learning, which is considered a crucial component of data science. You should have a solid understanding of this domain if you dream of succeeding in the field of data science.


You must understand the functioning of databases and possess the requisite skills. You should also know how to manage and extract data, which is a must in this field.


You should be a pro in calculating and predicting various mathematical models based on the data that you already know and possess. Modeling helps in determining the appropriate algorithm that is best suited to handle a particular issue and also focuses on the process of training these models.

Data Science Jobs

Data Science and Analytics

₹14.2 LPA

₹ 65,825 - ₹ 67,506/month

1-7 Years 

Engineering – Software and QA

₹ 13.9 LPA

₹ 59,020 - ₹ 60,509/month

1-7 Years 

Research and Development

₹ 15.1 LPA

₹ 78,756 - ₹ 80,803/month

1-7 Years

IT and Information Security

₹ 10.6 LPA

₹ 49,613 - ₹ 50,785/month

1-7 Years 

Project and Program Management

₹ 15.2 LPA

₹ 62,309 - ₹ 63,891/month

1-7 Years 

BSFI, Investments, and Trading

₹14.4 Lakhs

₹ 86,650 - ₹ 88,921/month

1-7 Years

Content, Editorial, and Journalism

₹13.2 Lakhs

₹ 59,020 - ₹ 60,509/month

1-7 Years

Finance and Accounting

₹10.8 Lakhs

₹ 59,020 - ₹ 60,509/month

1-7 Years

Teaching and Training

₹8.9 Lakhs

₹ 65,599 - ₹ 67,274/month

1-6 Years

Engineering – Hardware and Networks

₹14.8 Lakhs

₹ 44,392 - ₹ 45,491/month

1-6 Years


₹18.9 Lakhs

₹ 53,592 - ₹ 54,928/month

2-7 Years

Customer Success, Service, and Operations

₹9 Lakhs

₹ 54,086 - ₹ 55,435/month

1-7 Years

Marketing and Communication

₹15.9 Lakhs

₹ 33,547 - ₹ 34,809/month

1-7 Years

Product Management

₹16.2 Lakhs

₹ 91,831 - ₹ 94,289/month

2-7 Years

Procurement and Supply Chain

₹14.8 Lakhs

₹ 73,822 - ₹ 75,730/month

1-7 Years

Production, Manufacturing, and Engineering

₹11.5 Lakhs

₹ 38,769 - ₹ 39,952/month

2-6 Years

Healthcare and Life Sciences

₹15.1 Lakhs

₹ 45,597 - ₹ 46,678/month

1-6 Years 

Construction and Site Engineering

₹10.1 Lakhs

₹ 64,283 - ₹ 65,921/month

1-7 Years

Quality Assurance

₹7.5 Lakhs

₹ 55,730 - ₹ 57,127/month

1-5 Years

Sales and Business Development

₹6.5 Lakhs

₹ 42,384 - ₹ 43,513/month

1-6 Years

UX, Design, and Architecture

₹12.5 Lakhs

₹ 29,732 - ₹ 31,050/month

2-4 Years

Human Resources

₹10.7 Lakhs

₹ 62,309 - ₹ 63,891/month

2-3 Years

Legal and Regulatory Department

₹10.5 Lakhs

₹ 75,467 - ₹ 77,421/month

2-5 Years

Strategic and Top Management

₹ 3.6 LPA - ₹ 22.4 LPA (Estimated)

₹ 83,690 - ₹ 85,877/month

2-6 Years

Energy and Mining

₹20 Lakhs

₹ 1,31,753 - ₹ 1,36,574/month

1 Year

Administration and Facilities

₹7.5 Lakhs

₹ 85,335 - ₹ 87,568/month

6 Years

Merchandising, Retail and eCommerce

₹5 Lakhs

₹ 37,564 - ₹ 38,765/month

2 Years


In conclusion, data science is a constantly changing field that is vital to the data-driven business world. No matter how much expertise one has in this quickly developing field, data science has a huge impact and the ability to actually change our future. Thus, don't pass up on this opportunity to ride the data transformation wave. Every industry is growing to unprecedented heights, so it’s a good time to hone your abilities and follow the emerging 21st-century trend.

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