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CyberArk PAS Installation on AWS Cloud (1-Click Installation)


CyberArk PAS Installation on AWS Cloud Course Overview

This CyberArk PAS Installation on AWS Cloud Self-Paced online training provides a comprehensive curriculum covering both AWS fundamentals and CyberArk PAS installation.

Here's a breakdown of the key points highlighted in your description:

Comprehensive Learning Experience: The course offers a thorough learning experience, encompassing both AWS basics and CyberArk PAS installation, ensuring learners have a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.

CyberArk Full PAS Installation: Learners will gain hands-on experience with CyberArk PAS installation on AWS Cloud using all three methods: CloudFormation, AMI, and manual installation using CD images. This ensures proficiency across various deployment approaches.

CyberArk Operations: In addition to installation, the course covers CyberArk operations, providing insights into managing and maintaining CyberArk PAS components effectively.

Load Balancing PSM and PVWA: Understanding load balancing concepts for PSM (Privileged Session Manager) and PVWA (Password Vault Web Access for Web Applications) is crucial for ensuring high availability and performance of CyberArk PAS components.

AWS Fundamentals: Topics such as setting up a free AWS account, creating EC2 instances/servers, configuring S3 buckets, managing route tables, understanding AWS network environment, security groups, and IAM roles are covered to establish a strong foundation in AWS services and concepts.

Latest CyberArk Version (14.0): The course focuses on the latest version of CyberArk (14.0), ensuring learners are up-to-date with the most recent features and enhancements.

Knowledge and Skills Acquisition: By the end of the training, learners will have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to deploy and manage CyberArk PAS on the AWS Cloud effectively. This includes cybersecurity professionals and cloud engineers who can benefit from understanding how to implement security solutions like CyberArk in cloud environments.

Overall, the course aims to empower learners with practical skills and insights essential for deploying and managing CyberArk PAS on AWS, catering to the growing demand for cloud-based security solutions in today's technology landscape.

Course Includes

40+ Hours of Sessions

Certification Oriented Content

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Cyber-Ark Installation on AWS Cloud Course Content

This course consist of AWS Fundamentals and CyberArk full training on AWS Cloud from basics to advanced and some automation as well as! Enroll now and boost your career!

  • What is PAM & Why is It Needed - CyberArk Components Explained
  • CyberArk PAS Installation on AWS Cloud - Course Outline
  • AWS Basics
  • CyberArk PAM Pre-Requisites - AWS Cloud Agenda
  • Set up an AWS Account for Free
  • AWS Network Environment
  • CyberArk Installation on AWS- 1 Click Installation (CloudFormation)
  • CyberArk PVWA Dashboard & Components Overview
  • CyberArk Post Installation Tasks Overview
  • Load balance PSM and PVWA
  • Create CyberArk Manual AWS Network Environment
  • CyberArk PAS Installation using AMIs
  • CyberArk Installation Manually using CD Images
  • CyberArk Operations/Administration
  • CyberArk Interview Questions and Answers

Training Options

Self-Paced Videos

40 hours of E-Learning Videos

  • 40+ hours of Cyber-Ark PAS Installation on AWS Cloud
  • Training by industry experts
  • 1 Click Installation
  • AWS Fundamentals
  • 100% Practical Videos
  • Learner Assistance
  • Certification Guidance Provided
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